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Home and School is an organization of parents and staff working together, dedicated to providing our children with a quality of education. The main goal of Home and School is to promote the involvement of parents, students, educators and the community in the advancement of learning and enrichment, and to act as a voice for parents. All parents are encouraged to participate in ways that most suit their own talents and lifestyles. You can be an active member, able to volunteer regularly or occasionally participate in Home and School events or a non-active member showing your support – we appreciate both!


Executive 2019-2020


Melinda Paradis

Sacha Michailides

Georgia Kollias

Melissa Bindon-Lesey

Athena Soupliotis
Special Projects

Susan Nowak
Membership Coordinator


Executive Committee and Coordinators – What we do 

President -
Creates and sends meeting agenda and coordinates communication between parents, administration and school staff. Presides over meetings, shares responsibilities and delegate’s duties. Submits annual report at AGM and is responsible for all correspondence.

Vice-President -
Performs all duties delegated by the President and notifies non present members of duties assigned to them. Acts in absence of the President.  

Treasurer -
Handles all financial transactions, bill paying, and bank deposits and keeps records of all purchases made. Presents written report at monthly meetings and submits annual budget and financial reports at the AGM.

Secretary -
Records accurate minutes at all meetings and distributes them to all members. Takes attendance at meetings and presents the minutes from the last meeting for approval.

Membership -
Compiles a data base of all members and provides membership numbers to each member and to the committees. Is responsible for membership table at events to encourage new families to join. Collects membership fees and advises QFHSA of any membership changes.

H&S Webmaster -
Prepares publicity for events. Responsible for updating the Home and School website monthly with reminders, events' dates and other important dates. Manages the H&S website.

Volunteer Coordinator -
Compiles a list of H&S members to be used for events. Responsible for distributing sign-up sheets and contacts volunteers when needed. 

Fundraising -
Coordinates the Fundraising Campaigns. Responsible for contacting companies, ordering and distributing campaign material and products as well as collecting funds from the families.

Governing Board Representation -
Represents Home and School Association at Governing Board meetings. Reports any pertinent information, obtained from Governing Board in a report each month at the meetings and relays any information H&S may have to Governing Board.

Teacher Representation -
Represent staff at meetings and reports on any upcoming events and financial requests.

Principal Representation -
Reports on school events.